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Summer fun for kids

It's that time of the year us parents are thinking what to do with our kids. It's even harder if you are currently going through treatments and 1. don't have the energy to even think about it and 2. financially it's hard as you don't have the money.

Camp Kesem is an awesome camp geared for kids ages 6-18 whose parents are coping with a cancer diagnosis. This will be our 3rd year attending, the last two we did virtual but this year it is in person....YEAH!! It's a sleep away camp for a week for the kids to have fun and just be a kid. They don't have to see their loved one going through their treatments and they can connect with other kids like them. OH AND DID I MENTION IT'S FREE!!!

Kesem is nationwide and is run by diverse college students to lead local chapters. Some have been campers themselves. They work year round to develop programs and to unite the kids. We have been to friends and family day and my daughter enjoys seeing her counselors. In fact something unique about Kesem is that the counselors and kids go by nicknames. They don't use their real names. The reason behind this is so the kids feel comfortable and it's a sense of privacy especially if they share something about their family.

There are plenty of activities and even ones where they can talk about their feelings and how they are dealing with the cancer treatments. They don't even have to participate and share if they don't want pressure and NO ELECTRONICS!

Kesem is run by donations so please get involved, donate today. Go to and look up a local chapter near you or pass this info on to a friend or family member.

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