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Excellent children's book! Marci very eloquently walks through the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer through a child's eyes. She gives an inside look on what to expect for children when their mother have to undergo chemotherapy and other treatments. Her writing style is easy to understand and is a perfect introduction for children when their mom is diagnosed.
-Brendan Curley, DO, MPH
Medical Oncologist/Hematologist


Even as I write this review I’m lost for words!! This book needs 50 stars literally!!! This author took a real life issue and explained it in a way that would make it easy for parents to explain to children. The illustrations are beautiful. I’m honestly still blown away from the story.

(Mommy Has a Boo-Boo)

- Ashley Lunnon

This is one amazing journal!! I keep it in my purse so I have all my information in one place. This should be everyone’s go to journal. (The Breast Cancer GPS)

- Josie Lewis


This amazing little light weight simple journal is jammed packed with invaluable information and will help anyone navigate through the confusing maze of Breast Cancer. Plus, it's extremely affordable! It starts with your information, medical history, surgeries medicines and supplements, allergies, emergency contact numbers, etc.
Then, the next chapters include every questions that you might or might not think of asking. A fantastic page of resources to turn to. A Support Groups page for you to write down, A life list what you want to accomplish that year, Activity journal through chemo and radiation. Two complete lists to what to bring when you have radiation and or chemotherapy. This wonderful author has made breast cancer easier to fight from all her own experiences. Definitely.. DEFINITELY buy this. It's one of the best things to armor yourself once you have been diagnosed. (The Breast Cancer GPS)

- Holly Harper



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