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5 years!!!

November 14 started my celebrations of 5 years cancer free! November 14 was the day I was diagnosed and became a survivor. January18 was my surgery when the cancer was removed. July 5th was the last day of chemo and radiation ended in September. I'm still on pills and zolodex shot for at least one more year and then I'll see if it is worth me staying on the pills.

So many changes have occurred throughout all of this. Just last year we decided to move from AZ and come back to the Midwest. I retired from real estate but am still doing referrals all over the I can still help you find an agent and get paid. I'm focusing more on being a stay at home mom, working on my books...did you know my latest books have been published????? Check out my site on Maggie the Magnificent Fights Back and Michael the Magnificent Fights Back.

I'm trying to bring My Hope Bag to rural Missouri. I want to continue the volunteering I did in AZ. Especially now living in the country, I see more people needing help. There are not a lot of resources out here and it is much needed.

I appreciate each and every one of you for your love and support and for those of you still fighting this disease know I'm praying for you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

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