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October is Breast Cancer Awareness

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

It's about that time when pink is going to start showing up. October is breast cancer awareness month. Does pink bother you? I have always liked the color pink so for me it doesn't bother me that it is now associated with breast cancer. I know others it does. It reminds them of what they have gone through.

In October there is so much going on with events: fundraisers, walks/runs, talks to bring awareness. I know for me it's an ongoing. I talk about it all the time. I share my story, I listen to others, I give support when needed, I volunteer with groups. The list goes on.

What does October mean for you? It used to mean Halloween (which is still my favorite holiday). I have so much going on with taking my kids to events, but now it means even more events. I am participating in two events here in AZ. Check For A Lump has their annual 5k walk as well as other fundraisers throughout the year. The other one is national Making Strides. If you are in Phoenix I would love to see you there as I'll actually have a booth at both events selling my books. A

portion of the sales will go back to these organizations.

Have you wanted to share your story? I say go for it, your story can help another woman. There are ways you can share it. If you want to do it privately just for family and friends is one way I did it. I also did youtube videos as well as posted on FB. Not everyone is open about it and that's okay! Even if we have the same diagnosis we all go through it differently. One doctor might tell you one plan while another person has a different plan. As always consult with your doctors before trying any supplements/medications.

Look at October as making awareness...would you have checked your breasts if you didn't know someone who just went through it? If you are one of those few that do your self exams I give you a thumbs up! I hardly did them but that's how I found mine. My cousin wouldn't have thought about getting a mammogram a little over a year ago, she is in her 30's and you know the recommendation is 40, but she had a baby that year and knew I went through it (so her deductible had been met) she told her doctor I want a mammogram and it SAVED HER LIFE! We share our stories to give a little faith back and let people know WE ARE FIGHTERS, NOT QUITTERS!

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