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Let's talk sex!

Yes you read that right! one wants to talk about it but so many of us lose our sex drive after going through cancer treatments. Whether we are going through menopause, just tired from all the treatments or we feel not like ourself because our breasts have been removed sex takes a toll on us and our significant other.

I for one lost my sex drive way before cancer but I was determined to get it back. I went to a pelvic floor therapist to help with the pain. Since I was hormone positive and I am on meds to put me in menopause I'm very dry and it hurts. We tried lubricants but I just wasn't in the mood. I went and inquired about the Mona Lisa procedure. I was getting desperate but it's pricey so before I jumped into doing this procedure I had to make sure I was doing the right thing for me.

The reason - I wasn't in a happy place. My marriage wasn't where I wanted it to be. I was getting irritated easily. I began seeing a therapist a few months ago and let me tell you it has been helping. I would recommend to find a therapist you really like. I have seen so many over the years and I finally found one. She makes me think, questions my actions and I keep going back.

I began holding my husband's hand, hugging him and kissing him. At first it was very awkward and he would make faces at me like what in the world was I doing. Then we went out of town just the two of us and that was a game changer. My husband started initiating the kissing and being more affectionate. Even my oldest daughter will see us kiss and go "ewww".

It's like something inside of me changed, I was getting happier. My marriage was/is getting better and this made me horny. LOL. We are having sex and it doesn't hurt, we are experimenting with toys and enjoying each other's company. When we watch tv instead of us being separated I'm cuddling with him. You don't have to have sex but instead just hand-holding or hugging can be a great start.

So start your new year and see if you can get back in the mood. Cheers to you and Happy New Year!

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