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It's that time to give thanks

Thanksgiving is in two days and we should all be thankful right? This month marks 3 years of my diagnosis. Yes I'm thankful to be alive and currently NED (no evidence of disease). But cancer is the gift that keeps on giving.

Am I thankful I gained weight? NO! Am I thankful having sex hurts? NO! Am I thankful I have mood swings? NO! Am I thankful I don't have the energy like I used too? NO!

So what am I thankful for? I am thankful to be ALIVE. I have found my passion by helping women get through their diagnosis and continue on and let them know you fight as hard as you can. I am thankful for my kids and my husband who still love me despite having no breasts and put on weight. I am thankful I like my hair short as it's always been long and it's taking forever to grow. I am thankful I found a new career I really like (still am a Realtor but being an author has brought me joy). I am opening a publishing agency called Pad to Publishing to help others become an author.

I'm learning to love myself again...yes it's taking me awhile and that's okay. I'm in therapy and found an awesome therapist who makes me think and want to be a better person of myself.

So what about you? What are you thankful for since your diagnosis?

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