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Let's talk emotions! How are you doing with things? Do you have your ups and downs? Are you all over the place?


I know it's harder to do than me saying it as I'm in the same boat. I actually got out of town this weekend for some "me" time. My oldest was excited for me to leave or so she says so she wouldn't hear me yelling.

Yes, my emotions are all over the place. Do I hate it?...yes! I'm actually starting therapy again next week because I hate where I am. My mood swings are horrible, worse than before cancer and I don't even have periods anymore! So what the heck is going on!!!!????? I think I may have adult ADHD but who knows it could be anything.

What do I get to blame this on? I'm a survivor so I should be happy right? I'm alive, my life is good or so I think so what is my problem???? I'm sure many of you can relate. My hormones are all out of wack. I believe I still am getting the monthly menstrual syndrome as I can tell it's worse during certain parts of the month.

What about you? What is going on with you? How are you handling things?

I have been working out more they say that helps with stress. I was never into yoga or pilates but have been doing it more. It helps with the stretching as I still feel the tightness in my left arm/armpit area.

And this alone time - a "me" weekend! What a great idea. We all need to take a break and take some time for ourselves. Of course I still checked in with my husband as swim lessons were starting today and some other things and he said I can handle it, enjoy your time. We as mothers it's hard for us to do that.

So let it out --- SCREAM if you must! I say it's okay and then get back to our "reality" but know I am here for you as well as all the Pink Sisters and anyone dealing with cancer...we get it!

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